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  • Driveway Application  Any work within the County Highway Right of Way requires a permit from the Douglas County Public Works Department. This includes construction of a new driveway or approach, also any alteration to an existing driveway or approach. State of Minnesota Department of Transportation recommended standards are used; providing a 24’ top width, and 4:1 slopes. Adding a second driveway to a lot in order to provide a half-circle driveway is not permitted. A permit fee of $200 is required. The cost of constructing the driveway is the responsibility of the applicant, including culvert if that is required.
  • E911 Address and Sign Application  The Douglas County Survey Division is responsible for assigning E-911 addresses to aid in location and mail service. It is recommended that all occupied buildings or recreation lots have addresses to aid in emergency response. Addresses can be assigned when proof of a permanent driveway location and a relevant need is presented. Bare land addresses will not be issued. A permit fee of $35.00 is required. All addresses assigned will have a blue, E-911 sign set once by the Douglas County Public Works Department. Placement is typically near the driveway entrance. After this initial installation, sign maintenance becomes the responsibility of the Applicant/Landowner. Replacement signs and posts can be purchased through this application link. Installation of replacement signs and posts is the responsibility of the Applicant/Landowner.
  • Oversize Overweight Moving Permit  A permit is required for any load over 8' 6" wide or 13' 6" high and/or any load over 40' 0" in length for a single axle or over 75' 0" for a combination axle. Single axle allowed limit is 20,000 lbs. Tandem axle limit is 34,000 lbs. If you are moving a Mobile Home or Building within Douglas County and outside of Municipality boundaries, a Land Use Permit from the Land and Resource Management Department will be required.
  • Service Sign Application  Application for Installation of Specific Signing on Douglas County Roads. Cost is $350.00 per sign.
  • Special Events  The Applicant must submit a traffic management plan if the event will require closure of the traveled portion of the roadway or shoulder. The Applicant agrees to obtain a Commercial General Liability insurance policy. The Applicant agrees to obtain the approval of other local authorities having joint supervision over the highway. The Applicant agrees to follow the Special Provisions.
  • Right-of-Way Permit  This application is used to apply for Right-of-Way Permit. Application is hereby made for permission to place, construct, and thereafter maintain a facility within County highway right-of-way.
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